We have reached over 500 SDUMP holders in just 4 days! To celebrate this ocasion we decided to make another airdrop lottery!

5000 SDUMP (approx. 2000$) will be airdropped to 10 randomly selected users, to participate in the airdrop you need to:

Winners will be announced on Thurdsday 20th May at 4PM UTC, do not miss this chance!

Our team is constantly working hard to improve our product. This update brings some improvements along with the new game — fortune wheel. To celebrate this ocasion we are going to put extra tokens into all of our games. This will happen today (17th May)at 1PM UTC. …

We have successfully distributed Space Dumplings to DUMP holders!

Instead of sending them in three batches we have decided to do it all at once. If you qualified for the airdrop you should now have Space Dumplings in your wallet.

Why have we decided to send them all at once?

Due to BSC congestions many transactions were getting rejected and It took much more time to perform the airdrop…

Hello everyone,

As you probably know along with DumplingSwap V2 we are releasing a new token — Space Dumpling Token.

We will perform a token swap (3:1) for all Dumpling Holders starting on Saturday 15th.

Why 3:1?

The ratio was calculated using the price of the Dumpling token on Monday 13th and…

Our team has been quiet with the updates for a couple of weeks but there was a reason behind it! We have been working hard on a big update that will drastically improve our tokenomics and bring some new exciting features. One may ask — why are you releasing a…

We have received tons of positive responses to our dumpler game, some of you made some suggestions on how to improve the game, after careful review we have took some of your best ideas and put them into a smart contract!

Dumpler Mini is very similar to the big dumpler but the time does not reset!

Reward distribution:

50% goes to the 3 lucky winners:

  • Second last bidder wins 30% of the reward.
  • Third last bidder wins 10% of the reward.

40% is burnt

10% goes to the next lot

We are constantly improving our project to prove our value. Today we are really excited to introduce you to our brand new game The Dumpler.

The rules are very simple, you place a bid and if no one bids more than you for the next 15min you win 50% of the reward pool! 35% is immediately burned and 15% is carried over to the next round. Bid amount is calculated automatically, all you need to do is approve the contract and press ‘Participate’. Rules are explained on our website and in the documentation.

The Dumpler is a dynamic burning mechanism which incentivises burning of Dumpling Token . Our team is working hard to improve the project, we have some more exciting news coming really soon. Enjoy your dumplings, bon apetit!

We are really excited to announce our first Airdrop. Unlike other farms we are going to distribute BUSD so you can decide what to do with it yourself. It is very common to airdrop native tokens but usually it makes the price drop by inflating the total supply. Also, if…


Dumpling Swap is a brand new yield farming project developed by a team of passionate Software Developers with proven experience in the field of DeFi. Our mission is to create an economically sustainable yield farming community by providing a powerful DeFi ecosystem that wants to revolutionize this sector. …

Dumpling Swap

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